It’s taken me way too long to write this blog. Holidaying in July for me is highly unusual because it’s right slap bang in the middle of my busiest time. But this year was different. I booked this week off well in advance and was looking forward to returning to my busy summer feeling fresh, relaxed and revived.

We chose Croatia rather randomly to be honest but the second we started to research this beautiful country, the more excited we became. Harry was especially excited when he found out he could still play tennis there (thank you so much Franko and Igor – you guys were amazing!)

We were absolutely not disappointed. This country is, quite frankly, stunning. The beaches are the clearest and the cleanest I have ever seen. Beautiful blue crystal waters with hundreds of colourful fish swimming across your path. The delicately pebbled beaches were stunning. The coastline is green, luscious, bright and welcoming. The people are charming, very proud of their country and incredibly hospitable.

This trip was different from our usual travels. There was no major focus on sightseeing. This was about relaxation, I hope you can see this in my pictures.

Croatia, you beauty, we will absolutely be back x


For those of you interested, all of these photos are shot on Fuji 400h film on my Nikon F100 35mm camera. I always shoot exclusively on film during my travels 🙂

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