Venice is a place I’ve always dreamed of visiting but for some reason never found the right time. This year we celebrated 10 years of marriage and it felt like the perfect time to explore this amazing city. Earlier this year I bought my obligatory guide book and started to plan our long weekend trip.

The flight time from London is surprisingly short and before we knew it we were arriving at Marco Polo airport. I don’t think I’ve ever transferred from an airport to the city centre by boat before and I was just a little bit excited. To put this into perspective, Venice has no cars and no bikes. They have the most amazing river bus system with unbelievably comprehensive routes and the most magnificent map.

On our first day we decided to see the top sites which included San Marco Square, the Basilica, Doge’s Palace and of course a trip along the Grand Canal. Immediately we were captivated by Venice and it’s beauty. On our second day we decided to visit the island of Murano which is made famous for it’s glass blowing. On the face of it, glass blowing isn’t really something that usually would interest me but the creations are absolutely spectacular and well worth a look. Afterwards we headed for the lido, which I didn’t even know existed until I found it in the guide book. It’s the most fantastic long, white sandy beach. I had no idea I’d be paddling and swimming in the sea in Venice!

Our highlight for day three was the gondola ride which did not disappoint at all. The back streets of Venice are utterly breathtaking and so charmingly peaceful.

Now I really must talk about the food. Italian food has long been a favourite of mine and I would count pizza and pasta up there as some of my favourites. All I have to say really is that the food blew my mind! Pizza and pasta for lunch, pizza and pasta for supper. Win.

Venice I love you. I think you’re perfectly small, totally picturesque and have a mysterious but utterly charming vibe. I’ll be back.

Faye x

{as always with my travel photography, all of these were shot on medium format Fuji 400h film on my Mamiya 645}

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