A few weeks ago I headed up to the beautiful Eggington House in Bedfordshire for this amazing boudoir shoot. As well as sharing some of these pictures I thought I would also tell you a bit more about this relatively new genre of photography.

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photos are classy and personal – they are for you and/or your partners eyes only! Clients can be as daring as they like but I believe it’s important to wear outfits that you are comfortable in. They are usually taken wearing nightwear or underwear and are usually taken in or around a bedroom (hence the term boudoir!) I always recommend that my clients bring along 3 or 4 outfits that vary from a robe/dressing gown to a cardigan to underwear. I would usually start with the dressing gown/cardigan type shots to help my clients relax and feel more comfortable in front of me.

What should I do with my pictures?
Some of my clients are brides-t0-be who want to create a set of fine art prints or a mini album for their fiancé as a wedding gift. Others are women wanting to give boyfriends/husbands a gift to celebrate anniversaries or other significant moments. I always keep your images completely confidential.
When should I do a boudoir shoot?
As I mentioned, many of my clients are also my brides. If you’re investing time and money in an exercise and/or beauty routine it makes sense to coincide with a boudoir shoot. I always recommend having a session a couple of months before the big day so that you have time to create an album or some prints. I would resist the urge to book for the morning of your wedding. You’ll have too many distractions on the big day. Stick with a separate shoot so you’ll have time to really feel comfortable and get some great shots.
How long does it take?
Though it depends on the package you choose, your boudoir photo session will probably last about two hours. It may also take you a little while to relax. Most brides aren’t used to lounging around wearing little clothing in front of the camera, so it can take a bit of time to feel comfortable – this is totally natural!

Should I bring anyone?

It’s totally up to you. Some do, some don’t. It may help to bring a friend if you’ll feel more at ease to make a few jokes with a pal, plus she may be able to help you feel more like yourself. Ask her to bring along a bottle of bubbly – a little champagne may help loosen things up.

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