Majorca is an island with a special place in my heart…. it’s been a place our family has visited for many years and I have really grown to love it, in particular, the beautiful town of Pollenca. The children love it there too – they are free to play in the Placa Major – the town square. As families wine and dine at the amazing selection of restaurants, the children meet and chat with other children of all ages and nationalities. Such a beautiful atmosphere.

The beaches in Majorca are amazing too – fine, white sand and crystal blue seas. In August it was like a bath and the children saw huge numbers of colourful fish swimming through their toes.

When I’m on holiday I shoot exclusively on film. It’s a real luxury not to have to check the back of the camera and means I can try to disconnect from digital technology. The children have learned not to ask ‘can I see that picture’ after every frame and they too enjoy ‘scan day’ (when I receive my digital files) when we can re-live our holiday. Yes, the wait is painful when you get back from holiday but it’s just so worth it. Nothing can recreate the magical experience and look of film.

All of these pictures were shot on my Nikon F100 using Fuji 400h 35mm film. Processed by Carmencita Film Lab.

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